Gin distilled from extra virgin olive oil

Its known the relationship that has been developed between the olive oil and cocktails. Most important of all, the presence of the olive as a garnish in martini cocktails. But an alcoholic drink made from olive oil is beyond any imagination.

This imagination has been reality from an Italian owner of a restaurant and wine bar, in Foggia of Italy, which offers over a hundred brands of Gin. Between those and the latest addition, of his own production Gin made with a monovarietal Peranzana olive oil produced in Apricena.

As he said his passion for Gin was born on a trip with his wife in Barcelona and the idea of the combination of olive oil with Gin while driving through a landscape with fields of olive trees and wheat, the main ingredient of traditional Gin.

The attempts to achieve the desired result was enough, but as he admits even today continues to experimenting with new taste notes of the same spirit. A special process allows the spirit to get intense aromas. Polyphenols extracted and bind to alcohol leaving aside the fats and keeping the fragrance. This Gin is the ideal spirit for the cocktails Olive Oil Martini and Olive Oil Gin and Tonic.

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