The olive tree in interior design

According to experts in interior design, the olive tree will become an indispensable decoration element 2017 in stylish homes around the world as seen from the trend that started in the previous year.

Olive trees have established their place in expensive hotels and modern restaurants around the world. At the Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain eight 200 years old olive trees decorate the hotel lobby. In the United Kingdom, the famous restaurant Gusto in Nottingham has for indoor decoration olive trees.

The olive tree could offer a very interesting combination in any interior decorating style. In the appropriate space it can arcieve elements of the Tuscan decorating style of Mediterranean townhouses. It can also be an excellent choice for filling spaces with limited furnishings.

Except that it will bring a bit of  Mediterranean nature to your home, trees create a relaxed, calm environment which can enhance your creativity. Aristotle said it was developing the greatest thoughts and philosophies among olive trees. Vincent Van Gogh claimed that he found deep learning in olive trees, which he believed housed a sacred force.

The Dwarf olive varieties, which reach up to a height of 2 meters, it is ideal for indoors, unless your home is large with high ceilings. To thrive indoors an olive tree requires about six hours of sunlight each day. Ideal place is near south-facing windows.

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