Polyphenols against allergies

New studies from Italy show that certain polyphenols in olive fruit can fight allergies.

Over the past two decades studies have demonstrated the great benefits of the Mediterranean diet and its connection with reduced cardiovascular disease, and other inflammatory diseases. The main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet is olive oil which is abundant in polyphenols such as hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol representing about 30 percent of total phenol content of virgin olive oil.

The hydroxytyrosol in olive oil has been recognized as the most powerful antioxidant in nature of all the polyphenols. Specifically, it has been found that it is the main anti-inflammatory ingredient of olive extract, which acts as an antihistamine.

A new study shows that hydroxytyrosol may play a central role in combating allergic reactions. According to Italian researchers, these results show the possibility of creating an allergen to immune response which can potentially enhance an anti-inflammatory phenotype through increasing a secretion the IL-10 cytokine.

The researchers leave the optimistic message with further studies on the possible use of hydroxytyrosol from the pharmacological mechanisms to prevent allergies by putting the therapeutic applications of olive to a new horizon.

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