Watering olive tree

The olive tree has a good defense mechanism against drought, so it is possible to cultivate in dry conditions where no other fruit tree could be grown. Additionaly it has the ability to utilize all of any amount of water which finds in the soil and improves productivity.

For a satisfactorily flowering olive tree needs sufficient quantities of water, especially in the early spring and summer. It should be watered from beginning of vegetation until the start of winter rainfalls, when has high water needs, because the lack of it affects the growth of vegetation, fruit set and development of fruit. Particularly adequate should be the amount of water and nutrients received by the olive tree in the spring to ensure a high production.

The simplest way to determine the need for irrigation is the examination of the olive leafs in the morning. We look for early symptoms of dryness of leaves to start watering the olive tree plantation.

Finally, the amount of water supplied by irrigation has to do with the quality of the soil, the size of the trees and the watering method.

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