The secret polishing Easter eggs

One of the traditions that are not lacking of any Greek home the days of Easter, is the painting of Easter eggs. Tradition requires painting to be done in the Holly Week particularly on Holy Thursday.

It is a process that is joy for kids and adults, as they all want to participate in the decoration of eggs with drawings or in a more modern, beyond the traditional and religious customs, color selection. Mowrdays there are a plethora of paints and stickers in market. The pure traditional dyeing methods, however, will always give better results and will be an enjoyable process. The leaves of onions and the juice of boiled beets are just some of the traditional techniques which could give your eggs a crimson color , but the secret for shiny eggs are one and its name is “olive oil”.

Whichever way you choose to color your eggs after you complete the process, before eggs get cold with a piece of cotton or a paper towel soaked with olive oil gently swipe the surface of eggs. Leave for a while to cool the eggs and absorb the oil. Your Easter eggs will get a natural glow that will make them more attractive.

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