The pruning of olive tree

Pruning is one of the most vital techniques in olive growing. It is a technique that helps to strengthen the tree, renewal and improvement of fruiting.

Pruning is done in different life stages of the tree and depending on its age and the its needs, pruning may have a different character and follow different techniques according to the desired results. Generally pruning try to give a shape to the tree to bask more leafs, this results in stretching the tree and not getting height. By pruning achieved to have a safe middle fruiting every year aiming at better quality and quantity. Each producer before it considers that the grove needs pruning and go with it must take into account several parameters in order to apply the right techniques, otherwise the pruning can have negative effects. Such parameters are the fertility of the olive grove, the volume of winter rainfall, the volume of last year fruiting, the vegetative state of the tree and the various farming techniques as if the grove is fertilized and watered.

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