The olive oil in ancient Greece

Olive oil in ancient Greece was a key element of the daily diet. Like today, so then there were various oil varieties, with three classifications. “Omotrives” or “omfakinon” called the highest quality and produced by unripe olives. The “deuteron geumatos” was good quality oil. Finally the “xudaion olive oil” was the inferior quality oil from overripe or bruised olives.

The olive oil was also necessary for use on illumination through burning in lamps.

For the ancient Greeks who loved beauty and body virtue, the olive oil was a key element in personal grooming. They spread olive oil over the body to protect from the sun and cold. After the bath they spread body and hair with aromatic olive oil, which was a main component of many fragrances.

The olive oil was used in ancient times for its healing properties too. In the Hippocratic Corpus mentioned more than 60 medicinal uses. It was suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, as healing and antiseptic in wounds and gynecological diseases. Also used as emetic and for the problems of the ear.

The oil was still used as a lubricant in devices and components, and for the maintenance of ivory, leather and metal used an oil-based ointment.

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