The olive fruit ripening process

After the spring season where take part formation of inflorescences of olives trees, the formation of olive fruits starts. From this moment it takes 6-7 months for the olive fruit to be ripped completely through the various stages.

The first stage lasts until July, the fruit begins to acquires size, mainly by developing the core. From August to September, starts the most critical phase where growth rate is slowing. At this stage, the fleshy part begins to grow, while until the end the core obtains its final size, and harden.

From October begins the final phase of development and maturation of the fruit. The fruit begins to grow again fast, increasing the weight of the pulp, which is what yields the olive oil. The development of the pulp continues until the fruit reaches the ripening stage followed by changing color from green to purple or black.

The stage and the curing time varies depending on the region, where the souther groves maturation comes sooner, and also the variety, the environmental conditions and the soil fertility.

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