The olive cultivation of Greece in numbers

Worldwide cultivated each year about 750 million olive trees, that means approximately 70 million acres of land. 97% of world olive oil production take plae in the Mediterranean countries.

Greece is the third largest olive grower country, after Spain, which is first and Italy. The olive cultivation in Greece reaches 11.6 million acres with over 170 million trees. 81% of cultivated olive trees cultivated for olive oil while the remaining 19% produce table olives.

23% of all cultivated land in Greece is covered by olive groves, occupying 75% of normal trees land. Although the olive tree thrives in all regions of Greece, the Peloponnese and Crete share 75% of total production

Every tree yields an average of 15 to 40 kg of olives per year. On average the Greece produces approximately 2,600,000 tons of olives per year and the olive oil production reach a range from 300000-400000 tons.

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