The oldest olive oil press in Anatolia

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest olive oil press in Anatolia, dating back 2000 years ago, in the ruins of the ancient Greek-Roman city located just north of the Turkish city of Antalya.

The olive oil press was discovered through a project funded by the local authorities, through which excavated the ancient city Lyrboton Kome which had got olive oil workshops, houses, baths and temples. This was a unique olive oil production center with many olive trees.

One of the most important revelations is that a woman with the name Arete founded the settlement and controlled the production of olive oil. Ownership and control of olive oil facilities and settlement belonged to Arete and maintained by her daughter Kille and future generations. She also had a tower built and dedicated to Emperor Domitian and Perge Artemis.

When the excavation will be complete, the ancient city will open as an archaeological park.

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