The Mediterranean diet against depression

An Australian study showed that the nutrient-rich Mediterranean diet, in addition to improving the physical health, reinforces mental health, helping against depressive tendencies.

This study was the first randomized controlled trial to investigate whether or not an improvement in the diet may be an effective treatment for major depressive episodes. The scientists found that the advice on healthy food choices, and the Mediterranean diet had many more results than joining a social support group.

The beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet were assigned to two of the famous nutrients, Omega-3 fatty acids which present in the oil and fiber, which is known to contribute as antidepressants.

The omega-3 fatty acids, are known to have an anti-inflammatory activity and are believed to have a healthful impact on the nervous system, improving the symptoms of depression. Other studies have also shown that diets high in fiber increase the diversity of good gut microbiota, which is believed to have a positive effect on mood, including depression.

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