Table Olives: the Mediterranean taste in a fruit

The fruit of the olive tree, except of its valuable contribution to the production of the greatest vegetable oil, it could be itself a delicious delicacy. Table olives were always present in Greek dinners. A key component of the Mediterranean diet, the table olive is not bound to taste. In Greek cuisine the varieties of table olives are abundant, also the flavors and recipes. “Kalamon variety”, “Throumpa”, “Green”, “Stuffed with almonds”, and flavored with all sorts of herbs and spices worthy accompany every dinner. Table olives are important in diet during the fasting period. Add to simple meals intensity and color.

As we know, the olive fruit is not edible without treatment. Even ripe olive fruit is bitter. Except the variety of “Throumbolia”, which, thanks to the intervention of an enzyme, the fruit gets unbitter at the stage of maturation.

It all starts from the stage of selective collection of the fruit by hand from the tree. Then comes the elimination of the fruit by immersing them in water for the required period. Then the olive fruits are immersed in brine and starts the fermentation. After the fermentation follows the re-immersion in brine or oil, for their maintenance and the enrichment with desired herbs or spices.

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