Recipes by Giannis Baxevanis

“Keftedakia” balls made of “xinochondro” filled with “xinomizithra” sour cheese and fresh “mizithra” local Cretan cheese sauce


300gr traditional “xinochondro”, 200ml milk, 2 dry onions, 1/2 bunch of parsley & 1/2 mint, 1 tomato, 250gr breadcrumbs, olive oil, flour, 1 potato, 1lt chicken stock, 250gr fresh “mizithra” cheese, “xinomizithra” sour cheese, salt, pepper, oregano


… for the “keftedakia” balls
We soften the “xinochondro” with some milk of medium temperature (or with Cretan “xigalo” for a more sour taste) for 15-20 minutes so as to be soft enough to be malleable (as it is fresh). We chop 1 onion and saute’ in some olive oil. We chop 1/2 parsley bunches and 1/2 mint bunch and a tomato (optional) to make our mixture juicier. We add salt, lots of pepper (to make it kind of spicy) and enough oregano. We mix all the ingredients with the “xinochondro” and put the mixture in the fridge to cool. We shape the “keftedakia” in small balls, flourish and briefly fry them, just before we serve them.

… for fresh “mizithra” cheese sauce
We chop 1 onion and a potato, saute’ them in a little olive oil for 3-5 min. We add 1lt of chicken stock and boil it in medium temperature for 10 min, until the stock decreased almost to the half. We put all the ingredients in the blender along with 250gr of fresh “mizithra” cheese, add salt and pepper and we mix them all together.

Fried anchovy with stale “eftazimo” bread and green puree


300gr anchovy, 250gr stale “eftazimo” bread, 1 fresh onion and 1 dry, enough fresh rosemary leaves, tarragon, marjoram, parsley, mint, two garlic cloves, 1tbsp of mustard, 10 leaves of French salad


We take the stale “eftazimo” bread and cut it in thin slices. We fillet the anchovy. We put 1/3 of the filleted anchovy in the blender along with the fresh and the dry onion,  the parsley leaves, the rosemary, the tarragon, the marjoram, 2 garlic cloves and the mustard. We “beat” them all together until they become a green puree. We spread the puree on each slice of bread and we lay the anchovy fillets over it. We fry them in a nonstick frying pan with the minimum olive oil, first from the fish side and then we turn them to roast the bread and get it crispy. We wash the salad leaves and drizzle over them with salt, vinegar and olive oil. We cut the fried slices of bread with the fish, per two fillets. In a salad leaf, we wrap smoothly inside a part of the bread with some mint leaves creating small bite-sized sandwiches.