Cretan Balsamic Vinegar and Petimezi

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Cretan Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar is an artisan product and is made with grape must (juice) that is simmered to make a concentrate, allowed to ferment, then, for a minimun of 12 years, matured in barrels of progressively decreasing size, made from different woods in order to impart different flavours. The result is dark, rich and syrupy and to be used very sparingly.

Cretan Petimezi

Cretan Petimezi emanates from condensation of grape must coming  from exceptional  and mature Cretan grapes. It has splendid aroma and flavor. It is a product made with traditional way and is used as sweetening substance in traditionally homemade sweets in pancakes, in doughnuts and others. It is most excellent syrup for all kinds of ice-cream.

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