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Cretan and traditional herbs in bag

The rare, top- quality herbs of the land of Crete could not be absent from grelia’s traditional Cretan fare. It is known to all that Greek herbs, and Cretan ones in particular, have exceptional levels of antioxidant, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties, together with unrivalled fragrance and flavor. Hot or iced, your Cretan herb fusions have never tasted better.

Dittany 20g
Thymbra 20g
Cretan tea mixture 10g
Malotira- mountain tea 10g
Blend of Herbs 15g
Green tea 50g
Sage 15g

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Herbs & Spices for your cuisine in bag

Spices and herbs, especially the ones grown on Crete, are traditional ”must” of Greek and Cretan cuisine not only because of their enhanced fragrance and flavor but because of their beneficial properties as well. Add a hint of one of our herbs, spices, and seasonings to a dish that you’re making and watch it as it turns into an impressive culinary creation. Grelia’s wide range of spices and seasoning mixes are ideally suited to a wide variety of Greek dishes as well as dishes of ohter countries’ cuisine. What is more, we have enriched our large collection of seasoning mixes by adding two clever and delicious codes: the ”Dip in Crete” and ”Dip in Greece” types of mixes! Those are two ingenious combinations of herbs and spices such Cretan marjoram, Greek oregano, and basil. Just combine our mixes with grelia’s extra virgin olive oil and allow them to rest and exchange aromas. Use them as a savory dip accompanying baby rusks or freshly baked bread, as dressing over a salad of mixed greens, or as a scrumptious meat marinade.

Mix for lamb 40g. 
Mix for spaghetti 40g
Mix for feta 40g
Mix for gyro-souvlaki 40g
Mix for pizza 40g
Mix for salad 40g
Coarse sea salt with pepper 75g
Mix for omelet 40g
Mix for tzatziki 75g
Spices mix 40g
Mix for soup 40g
Mix for vegetables 40g
Cinnamon 5cm 50g
Mix for potatoes 40g
Mix for stuffed 40g
Ground cinnamon 50g
Mix for burgers 40g
Mix for barbeque 40g
Paprika 50g
Mix for kebab 40g
Mix for fish 40g
Pepper 50g
Mix for chichen 40g
Mix for mousaka 40g
Pepper mix 40g
Mix for roasted meat 40g
Mix for mousaka 40g