Olive oil, Herbs, Honey and Olives

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High Polyphenol
Superior Quality
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biological Premium Quality, Premium Selection [extra low 0,2 accidity and ORGANIC FARMING]
Extra Virgin Olive Oil [low 0,3 accidity]
Premium Extra Virgin olive Oil P.D.O. Sitia Lasithiou Kritis [extra low 0,2 accidity]
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biological [extra low 0,3 accidity and ORGANIC FARMING]
Condiments with Natural Cretan Herbs and Extra Virgin olive oil of low accidity
Biological Condiments – Biological Oil with Biological Herbs
Delicatessen series: Extra Virgin Oilve Oil with Flavors
100% natural Herbs Just Sundried with all aroma and essences 
Cretan Thyme Honey
Jam and Spoon Sweets
Olive Oil Soaps
Greek and Cretan Olives, finest quality with no preservatives
Olive Paste
Greek Delights
Cretan Balsamic Vinegar and Petimezi


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