Olive oil, the Green Gold

It is food that could well be a medicine in itself. The olive oil is a very basic component of most famous food of the Mediterranean and is now probably more popular than everwith the help of the private initiative for unprecedented promotion aimed naturally at profits reputation, but also a redefinition of the Greek products in the global market!

From the Minoans, and perhaps even earlier, the oil played a key role in commerce and the everyday life of the citizens either in their nutrition or pharmaceutical prescriptions, or for women in various cosmetics and toiletries. Seeing its unalterable course in time we only have to say that perhaps it’s value has always been underestimated! Olive oil while holding high positions in many areas plagued its producers and traders with low prices and lack of the support for the agricultural products in terms of the state. The fluctuations of some euro cents in the eyes of a producer are even more frustrating when he compares the difference in prices for olive oil in the European shops and the prices he sells. The marketing and promotion can cost but, but the values of domestic products must be determined by each nation alone therefore we in Greece did nothing to give real support and proper boost to the diamonds that the Creek and especially Cretan soil is so rich in.

Through it all then and especially now in the period of poverty and crisis, the oil began to take various names, packaged into fancy bottles, to change colors and numbers. It is not bad. The evolution and the diversity are never bad on condition that the product is respected, its label is true, it is supported by the state and above all with a great help towards its producers and the production process.

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