Olive oil soap

Most prefer the use of olive oil in cooking, but it is not surprising fact that since antiquity, olive oil has been used to make soap.

Olive oil soap is the ideal choice for people with very dry and sensitive skin due to the  prolonged skin hydration. In its use, very low foam production is observed, but this is not an indication of the low degree of cleanliness as someone might think. Instead, it gives a fairly clear feel immediately after use without affecting the natural skin function.

Given that olive oil contains in abundance antioxidants, oleic acid and polyphenols, the use of soap that has it as its essential ingredient improves the texture and tone of the skin, fighting that way the early signs of aging. Also, the hypoallergenic action of olive oil makes this soap suitable for those who often have unpleasant skin allergies.

Try the amazing properties of οlive oil soap using one of the grelia soaps.

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