Olive oil in salads increases the absorption of nutrients

Researchers from the Iowa State University have shown experimentally that adding olive oil to our salads greatly enhances their nutritional benefits.

It is a fact that by eating specific food combinations (eg meat with vegetables) we can make our meals even more beneficial for our body. Its similar for the combination of olive oil and vegetables, as a new research shows that olive oil strengthens the absorption of eight nutrients, including alpha-carotene, b-carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin A, vitamin K and two forms of vitamin E.

In the research, 12 women consumed salads with different amounts of oil each. The researchers then measured the levels of nutrients in their blood to control the percentage absorbed by each component. Their results showed that women who consumed the most oil with their salads absorbed the maximum number of nutrients. However, It should be noted that we should not overdo the amount of oil we use.

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