Olive oil ice cubes with herbs

It’s probably the weirdest use of olive oil you probably have heard until today. But it’s the most effective way to store your fresh herbs and the easiest way to use them all year long.

Freezing fresh herbs is probably the best solution to use them off-season. But there is a better way and is their freezing in olive oil. By storing herbs in olive oil disappears burns at low temperatures and does not oxidize them, reducing the phenomenon of brown spots.

It is also a smart way to add aromatic quickly and easily in stews, roasts, soups and any other dish of your creation. Simply remove a cube with olive oil from the freezer, let it melt in fire, saute at this onion and garlic and immediately get the base you need to start your plate.

The way to make your own olive oil ice cubes with herbs is very easy. Collect fresh herbs of your choice, wash slightly and then let them drain. It is best to chop them fine, then make the combinations of herbs you would like to have in your various dishes and place them in ice packs and fill with oil. After freezing, oil get thickens and takes the appearance of butter. Once the olive oil cubes are ready remove them from the ice packs and store them in airtight plastic bags.

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