Olive oil for healthy hair

In ancient Greece olive oil was an everyday skin care and beauty product. Rich in vitamins E, A, K and polyphenols, as well as its ability to be easily absorbed by the skin, make it a proponent of skin cell health.

Ancient sources said that olive oil was used especially in various cosmetic procedures of the hair both from women and men. Women dived their comb in olive oil and warm water before everyday hairstyle, which gives them strong and shiny hair.

Even today, olive oil continues to be used by people with hair loss and dry skin problems, but even as hair care mask as it nourishes the cells, strengthens the follicles and hair, and gives shine.

The appliance is simple. Before washing hour hair, gently massaging the hair roots with olive oil and then spread it to the edges. Cover your hair with a towel or shower cap, as heat helps olive oil to be absorbed and leave for at least half an hour before shampooing. To easily remove the oil from your hair, apply shampoo on them even before get them wet.

Your hair will be stronger and will shine. Repeat the procedure once a week. Once the problem is gone, it is advisable to repeat once or twice a month.

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