Olive oil for bone health

Many beneficial properties of olive oil are known, such as antioxidant action and protection against heart diseases. Another one action comes to add to the advantages of it.

After a two-year study, Spanish researchers from the University of Madrid concluded that olive oil help to maintain bone health.

Specifically, the research results showed elevated osteocalcin levels in individuals who consumed more oil in their daily diet.

Osteocalcin is referred to as a protein secreted by the procedure of bone-forming cells. The emergence of high levels of osteocalcin protein is an indicator of healthy and strong bones.

Even more osteocalcin helps prevent insulin resistance, when the body gets immunity to the effects of this hormone, a phenomenon associated with weaker bone.

Finally, Greek scholars from the University of Athens, concluded that a diet rich in olive oil and low in red meat help maintain healthy bone density of women during adulthood. It is estimated that this is due to the antioxidant properties of olive oil.

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