Olive oil as a way of developing tourism

Greece in the 1970s due to the combination of the sea and its mountainous landscape and the low cost of living in relation to other parts of Europe had an increase in tourism.

Nowadays all of the above is not enough to be considered as a successful competitive tourist destination. It could, however, gain some advantage through various activities. One of these is the development of agrotourism and gastronomic tourism, emphasizing diversity in different destinations.

With olive oil being linked to the Greek identity as a part of the Greek diet, tradition and religion, it can create new opportunities to increase tourism. With olive trees covering a large part of Greek land, it is easy to create agro-tourism programs by evolving existing ones and combining them with other aspects of Greek tourism.

More specifically, olive oil has a direct relation to gastronomic tourism as well as all traditional products in general. But in order for growth to take place, we must take into account all the dimensions that may be behind it, such as economic, social, etc. The environmental resources that are key elements of tourism development should be best exploited.

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