Olive oil and frying

The method of frying is a common cooking practice in Greek cuisine. Frying using olive oil, showed that creates products enriched in valuable ingredients derived from olive oil.

Specifically, a tocopherol, terpenic acids and polyphenols detected in fried products. These natural antioxidants derived directly from olive oil.

During frying, the olive oil temperature must be adjusted in such a way that both the center of mass of the food to be baked, but at the same time, the outer surface to obtain the appropriate color. The smaller pieces of food can be cooked at higher temperatures than the older to achieved this.

Olive oil gives a characteristic golden color to the final sauteing product and a delicious crisp crust.

Investigations have shown that the oil, relative to the other oils can be used safely, two to three times in a row.

Use olive oil either in salads or frying, is an important ingredient in our daily diet and an ally for health defense.

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