Olive fruit fly the greatest enemy of the olive

The olive fruit fly or Dacus oleae or Bactrocera oleae, is the biggest enemy of olive and a nightmare for oil producers in all the Mediterranean countries.

It is an dipteral insect like midge, is 5 mm long and with light brown color. It has 3-5 generations per year depending on climatic conditions and the production of olives. Its life cycle consists of the egg stage, the larva, the nymph and the adult person.

It penetrates the olives and if producers don’t take measures on time affects 50-60% of their production. The infestation begins in midsummer by the females which pierce the wrist in order to lay their eggs, from which derived larvae which begin feeding by the core of the olive.

The damage caused is quantitative, because it destroyed large fleshy part of the olives production, but also qualitative because it causes acidification of the produced oil. To combat organized chemical sprays by the state, become bait sprays and dacus traps used.

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