Mediterranean diet, a weapon for fighting cardiovascular problems

Recently, a study by European researchers has shown that Mediterranean diet can face the atherosclerotic plaque.

The atherosclerotic plaque is the blood clot that is created in the vessels, that is, a narrowing so that the blood does not flow, increasing the coagulantness and often the patient reaches the stroke.

At a recent European conference, physician Rocio Mateo-Gallego, from the Saragossa University Hospital in Spain, presented the results of the study. The Mediterranean diet is therefore inextricably linked to the reduction in the thickness and the number of plates.

While Mediterranean Diet is the main tool of reducing the odds of developing cardiovascular disease, the mechanisms that produce such a result are not yet known. The new findings show that a part of this great advantage lies in the fact that it prevents the formation of the plate that aligns the inner walls of the arteries.

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