How crushing speed affect quality and quantity of olive oil

Researchers have analyzed how the crushing speed affects extraction efficiency, quality, volatile organic compounds and the phenol content of the olive oil produced.

The results revealed that the quality parameters, such as free fatty acids, peroxide value, ultraviolet absorptions, diglycerols and pyrophorphins, remained unchanged at crush rate, but extraction yield and chlorophyll content increased linearly with faster speed.

Quantitative values of total phenols and some individual phenolic compounds increased at the highest rate. Similarly, the level of triterpenic compounds, such as oleanolic acid and mastic acid, increased significantly when higher crushing rates were applied.

Researchers believe that the stepping effect of cutting into the olive oil releases more phenolic compounds resulting in higher oil levels by reducing the diameter of oil droplets by increasing the oil / water emulsion diaphragm region and facilitating the bulk transfer of phenols to the lipid phase after β -glucosidase.

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