Honey, the food of Zeus

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One of the essential ingredients based on the Cretan – Mediterranean diet that provides health and well being is honey, a sweetener consumed in cases such as diabetes mellitus.

A basic type of food since ancient times. Especially the Cretan honey was quite popular in the Ancient World, since there is a relative myth about Melissa that she was a nurse of Zeus, the daughter of the first King of Crete Melissaeus and from there she got her name. Then we meet her in other myths such as that she is connected with the goddess Demeter or that she is sister of Amalthia.

Of particular interest is the bee emblem at the palace of Mallia, which shows that Crete had relations with the production of honey from the Neolithic Age. The well-known action is in the liver, heart, skeletal problems, etc. Something that is part of the combination of selected Crete plants such as Cretan Thyme Pine and other special herbs.

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