Cocktail with olive oil, the new trend of bars

It may sound strange, but marrying extra virgin olive oil with alcoholic spirits is a trend that started a few years ago by the famous bars of New York and slowly adopted by bartenders worldwide.

The mixing extra virgin olive oil with alcohol appears to produce a new flavor combination. The olive oil mix in cocktails whose base is vodka and gin is very easy, giving them rich and fruity flavor, creating drinks that could accompany even meals.

The creativity of the olive in cocktail does not stop here, since even herbs  flavored olive oil used to create even more mysterious flavors. However the most famous cocktails with olive oil seems to love the combination of pickles brine, cucumber slices, syrup, aromatic bitter liqueurs and especially the admixture with egg white that works as an emulsifier.

And if you are in America and want to taste one of the famous these cocktail, you will find them by names such as The Trickle Back, Chios Remedy, EVOlution Cocktail, Olive Oil, TranQuiLo, Fig & Olive, Oliveto, Alligator Alley, Basil Exposition and Phaedon . Also you gonna find inspiring combinations with olive oil in Greek bars specialized in cocktails.

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