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FoodExpo Athens 2022

it was great to back in live events! During FoodExpo Athens we had the opportunity to meet our friends and also to start many new partnerships. Wishing to see you again next year!

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grelia Olive Oil in Cretan Gastronomy Days 2019

grelia Olive Oil was selected to represent Cretan Olive Oil in Cretan Gastronomy Days 2019 Festival. grelia Olive Oil was also used during the Cooking Sessions of the festival by famous and talented greek chefs giving all the people the opportunity to try the purity of grelia products!


Taste Real Crete! The recipes from Cretan Gastronomy Days 2019

Could you imagine some of the most famous Greek chefs cook Cretan recipes based on your favourite grelia Premium Olive Oil?

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Olive Oil news

Cretan diet, a proper meal

To date, Cretan diet remains standard, has been officially recognized as a Mediterranean diet, a concept linked with longevity and positive thinking. Cretan meal is remarkable for the variety of[…]

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The history of olive tree and olive oil

The olive tree reached ancient Greece in the Bronze Age, setting its roots at an ideal setting, perfect for the world’s finest crop of olives. Ancient Greeks used olives as[…]

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Olives collection procedure

The olive harvest usually starts in mid to late October and can continue into the new year. A large amount of harvest is still done by hand and relies on[…]

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Olive oil producing countries

The production of olive oil as productivity per area has variations depending on the olive season. In the global olive oil production map, first in producing continent is Europe with[…]

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Storing Olive Oil

Fresh extra virgin olive oil delivers a wonderful flavor and legendary health benefits. To ensure that your olive oil maintains optimum freshness and flavor, there are a few things you[…]

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Nutrient composition of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is fairly nutritious. It contains modest amounts of Vitamins E and K and plenty of beneficial fatty acids. This is the nutrient content of 100 grams[…]

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